January 29, 2017

1. Digital Footprints - Ability to understand the nature of digital footprints and their real-life consequences and to manage them responsibly.

2. Digital Empathy - Ability to be empathetic towards one's own and others' needs and feelings online.

3. Cyber Security Management - Ability to protect one's data by creating strong passwords and to manage various cyber attacks.

4. Cyberbullying Management - Ability to detect cyber-bullying and handle them wisely.
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5. Digital Citizen Identity - Ability to build and manage healthy identity online and offline with integrity.

6. Privacy Management - Ability to handle with discretion all personal information shared online to protect one's and others' privacy. 

7. Critical Thinking - Ability to distinguish between true or false info, good and harmful content, and trustworthy and questionable contacts online.  

8. Screen Time Management - Ability to manage one's screen time, multitasking and one's engagement online.

January 28, 2017

To precede my recent article which I wrote about 7 EASY TIPS HOW TO BE MORE DISCIPLINEDand i hope sharing this article today will make the equation balance.

I recommend to you the article 7 TIPS ON HOW YOU CAN BE MORE DISCIPLINED to read before proceeding with this article.

Most of the time I discussed with persons who get stressed out, the complain I get is "I don't have enough time". Yet when the man becomes sick, there would be time for him to get admitted and be discharged only at the Doctor's pleasure depending on his progress.

How You Can Manage Your Leisure Time

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On my Facebook wall, I do receive lots of inquiries from persons telling me to let them know HOW THEY CAN BE MANAGE THEIR LEISURE TIME , in which i told them that I will provide the article publicly.

Even though some are not in any form of employment, I get the same response "I don't have time" Then a question bothers me, which says: "What Are You Doing with your Time?"

So now I am forced to ask: "What do you do with your time?"

One of the biggest frustrations many of us feel is having too much to do, and not feeling like we have enough time to do it. 

We are overwhelmed.

Now let's do the mathematics of time: There are 24 hours in a day of that,
  • morning starts by 12am to 12noon (that is 12 hours).
  • Afternoon starts from 12noon to 4pm (that is 4 hours)
  • Evening starts from 4 pm to 7 pm (that is 3 hours)
  • And night time starts from 7 pm to 12 midnight (that is 5 hours)
  • Sleeping time is from 10 pm to 6 am (that is 8 hours)
  • Working time is from 8 am to 4 pm (that is 8 hours).
So we are left with 8 hours of FREE TIME. When you say you have no time, then what do you do with the 8 hours free time? Extrapolating this to a week: There are 168 hours in a week
  • Let's say you use 56 hours to sleep (which is impossible for an adult).
  • then use 40 hours to work for someone else.
  • then use 35 hours to catch your fun, take your bath, travel around.
You would still have 37 hours of FREE TIME. The problem is having too much stuff to fit into a small container (24 hours). If we look at task management and time management as simple a container organization problem, it becomes simpler.

 Whatever you do with your free time that leaves you with no time, don't you think that an investment into yourself is necessary for a secured future?
Would you not rather PURSUE YOUR DREAMS than make another man succeed in achieving his own dreams? Think on this!!!
How do we fit all of the stuff we have to do into our small container?
  • By simplifying, and
  • Letting go
With this two-step process, you will be able to deal with the problem of "too much to do, not enough time"
Hope I'm right with the content of this article, kindly drop your comment below this post if any.

January 25, 2017

Reinhard Willi Gottfried Bonnke is a German Pentecostal evangelist. According to Wikipedia; Bonnke has been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967. Reverend Reinhard Bonnke is principally known for his Great Gospel crusade throughout the continent of Africa. 

Here are the 20 subsequent quotes from Rev. Bonnke's desk.

 1. God always works with workers and moves with movers, but He doesn't sit with sitters. 
 2. Real faith is when you slip out when it seems that God is not moving.
 3. The Gospel is like water. No man invented it, yet no man can do without it.
 4. Don't plan with whats in your pocket. Plan with what is in God's pocket.
Subsequent Quotes From Rev.  Reinhard Bonnke Desk That Will Motivate Your Stand

5. Don't accept the applause of men and you won't be destroyed by their criticism.
 6. God is not a duplicator. He is a Creator and you are the Original product.
 7. You don't play with marbles when God told you to move mountains.
 8. The Gospel is 'Good News' not 'Good History' because when its preached, it happens. 
9. Creation cost Him nothing. Salvation cost Him everything.
 10. When the Holy Spirit is present, anything is possible.
 11. Jesus didn't die for pastors to have a well paid job nor for them to have a higher living standard. He died to seek and save those who are lost.
 12. The Gospel is not an alternative. Its an ultimatum. 13. Faith is a leap into the Light, not a step into the darkness.
 14. Go for the purpose of God and the means to fulfill them will follow.
 15. God has a thousand year Calender with only one day marked on it. It is "TODAY".
16. When you do business with God, you need faith. Faith is the currency of the kingdom of God.
 17. The Gospel is not reformation, decoration or renovation. It is Liberation.
 18. The Gospel is that of Power or nothing at all.
19. Its a tragedy when the Church saves money instead of souls.
 20. Those who forever seek the will of God are overrun by those who do it.

January 21, 2017

Below are five fundamental empirical fact about life. 
  • Whatever that is painted in your heart becomes the reflection of the contents in your container. 
five empirical fact of life
  • To enjoy the products made in the school of the spirit,it implies you must learn how to climb up with the manufacturer.
  • The measure of greatness in the school of wisdom is not determined by big deeds but by small act of kindness.
  • In the race of destiny,smtimes,your servitude determines your attitude.
  • When you spend much time in bed,you waste ultimate power of destiny,the power of destiny is electrified by understanding the heavenly template, TIME.


January 17, 2017

There is a saying which says, "When fate throws a blade,you can catch it by the edge to carve the future. Every life has its own manual which has been approved by its manufacturer.

For every destiny; there is always a written script to guide the stage drama

Scripturally,it is written that in the world, pressure of life will arise but we should be of good cheer, Jesus has conquered the world. - John 16 vs 33, implying that when we invite Jesus into our life situations, storms become subdued under our feet. As we all know that "fate" in Yoruba means "kadara"

It is an abuse of destiny. So when fate throws a blade,

it can be caught by the edge to carve the future.

Caption 1: Every blade thrown by fate in life is to sharpen the pencil of destiny,if properly caught. Champions are not made by merriments but in the midst of controversies,the food of the champions are difficulties out of which possibilities come. Today, we are found of easy alternatives, i.e nobody wants to pay the price but everybody wants to be a winner.

Easy alternatives belong to small minds but difficult things belong to great minds.
Caption 2: If you don't pay the price, you can't be a price commodity. In the market of values, people who are valued are the people who pain the price to attain their goals. Every character that made it to the top in the Bible paid the price. Many of them are drilled in the wilderness and under men of valour. This is related to my previous article in which I talked about The Diamond Factory In You

Caption 3: Everybody wants to get to the top or to the apex of the ladder without knowing what the ladder is all about, once the purpose of existence is not known, abuse becomes inescapable.

The Bible says in the book of, Proverb 25 vs 2, "it is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honour of a king is to search out matters in life.
Once a king is deficient of relevant information, absolutely, such a king will loose every good tiding apportioned for the throne.

No matter the challenges or pains, know it for sure if you persistently persist, such challenges are blades to carve the future.

Caption 4: For every pain, there is always a gain. Every destiny manufactured by God is designed with a particular throne, so when the throne is not properly occupied, another person takes over.

Caption 4: Life becomes sweet when you know that thorns have roses. Thorns means the blades or challenges of life, capacity to bear them is a winning tool.

According to Akponne Kars, he said, "some grumble because they know that rose have thorns but i am thankful because i know thorns have roses". So many have missed it in life because pleasures have taken their treasures. They think everything will continue to sojourn in jollity not knowing that the measure of a real man lies in the dryness..i.e the moment of controversies. To get well defined destiny,

one must be able to catch every blade thrown in life and use it to carve the future.

Caption 6: Once you fail to bear life cross, you plan to loose the crown. The crown of life belongs to the extra mile seekers. Extra mile is an unpopulated land that does not belong to the crowd but to those who can catch the blade by the edge and use it to carve the future.

Brethren, when fate throws a blade, you can catch it by the edge to sharpen the pencil of destiny.


Written by: Makinde Oluwasegun Adewale, Aremoeleedua.

January 15, 2017

In chemistry, it is an empirical fact that diamond is a crystalline allostrope of carbon, we have crystalline and amorphous allostropes of carbon, crystalline substances are the substances whose structure are regularly arranged in a regular repeating pattern, the reverse is amorphous.

 Diamond in its crude form is not attracting because it looks like charcoal whereas it is a precious stone.

Many had come across diamond in life but its crudeness made them feel diamond is just ordinary stone, some also came across it and ignored it because its colour is not sparkling while some came across it but due to little heat they apply and no result came to visibility, they quitted.

The fact about diamond is that diamond is not diamond until it passes through intensed temperature, i mean temperature at the peak degree.

Brethren, though you might be looked down on today but be rest assured that those that look down on you will garnish you tomorrow, some are blind to see that the diamond factory is in you but they judge you by your present not knowing that u are a shinning and sparkling diamond tomorrow. 

David was ignored in the wilderness running after his father flock, do you know that the wilderness became the furnace where the diamond in David was heated and David became hero.

  Joseph also was hated by his brothers, sold and later sent to prison. Do you know that the pit and prison experiences of Joseph heated d diamond in Joseph and Joseph became producer of life jewelries, and many zeros in the bible that rose to be heroes in life due to one challenge or the other.

Listen carefully, there is a factory in you in which if you are not running out of your incubation period, people will see you and celebrate you. 

Never forget that man called Jephthah, he was disowned but later now owned, (judges 11vs1-11), he later filled d gap in his family. 

He now produced many jewelries of conquest in life because those challenges intensified him and his diamond became refined.

Caption: Your wilderness in life is a furnace where heat is generated to refine that inner quality in you,so never miss your period of dealings.

Signed: Makinde Oluwasegun A., (Aremoeleedua)

January 07, 2017

We actually believe that there are some facts in which they are not something seems to be interested; in which they hold something stubborn.  We shall try and figure out some facts.

You can doubt,  disbelieve and deny there was a world War or a Korean war,  but the thousands of white crosses spotting the cemeteries of these were wars.  Facts are stubborn things.
"If we say that we have no sin, we decieve ourselves,  and the truth is not in us." - 1 John 1:8. "wherefore,  as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned." Romans 5:12. 
Sickness,  sorrow and death are the stark realities of sin and its results.

You can deny sin all you want, but every funeral service states you in the face as to the stubborn fact of sin. All the envy, hate, cursing, lying, immorality and godlessness blare out of your sin and mine. Whether yours are big or little, you too haved sin. Facts are stubborn things.
I still have more subtopics to add to this topic,  it will be modified as time goes by.
The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. "Psalm 14:1; I need not to talk much about this one.  The Bible verse (Psalm14:1) has said it all.
facts are stubborn things - Temolad Blog Articles
If so let God know it in your heart and tell Him that you accept His son,  the Lord Jesus Christ,  as your own personal Saviour from the penalty of your sin right now.