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Temolad Blog is an official blog powered and crafted by Showami Temolad Olamilekan in January 2017.

This blog is dedicated for basic thought and idea based on the quality of handiwork.

The blog provides about Nature, Religious, Motivational and Inspirational Articles with Quotes.
Above all I hope this blog makes the reader think.

If the reader doesn’t agree, then at least I hope the post made that person think critically about what I am saying.

I would like to think my readers are learning from what I have to say. I work so that the overall reading experience for the reader is a positive one.

I also hope that my readers will deduce their own conclusions, regardless of what I write. And I hope that my blog will get people to start thinking about concepts that maybe they have not thought to think about.

It is through that process, we grow intellectually, and therefore we would grow as a people.

I do not expect everyone to agree with everything that I say or think, But I do hope it will inspire other works, but more importantly, other thoughts.

It should also be noted; I may use different mediums to accomplish these tasks. I may write freely, or in article format, or with poetry, or a mixture of all three.
I may quote different mediums within my medium to convey the overall message.

And so, may our journey begin. I think this may be a life changing event for everyone, including me.

This blog has have some great articles since it has been created. The tending articles (until now) are;
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